Winter Deaflympics

About Winter Deaflympics

Join us in our campaign to strengthen USADSF and provide a promising future for deaf and hard of hearing athletes nationwide. USA Deaf and Hard of Hearing Athletes participate in the Deaflympics every four years, alternating between Summer and Winter editions. Your support funds USA Deaf and Hard of Hearing Athletes and ensures the best possible sports environment for them as they go after the Gold at the Deaflympics. Your support also provides our athletes with the unique power to inspire and in advancing Olympism in society. To join our community of supporters, consider donating today!

Together we win!

Donation Levels:

$0-$249 Team USA Fan,
$249-$499 Friend of Team USA,
$500-$999 Champion,
$1000-$2499 Bronze Medalist,
$2500-$4999 Silver Medalist,
$5000-$9999 Gold Medalist,
$10,000+ Founder

USA Deaf Sports Federation is the official governing body of the United States’ representation in the Deaflympic Games. For over 70 years, USADSF has produced national champions, international record-breakers and hundreds of Deaflympic medalists.

Funding our athletes and the cost of competition is our greatest barrier to winning Gold. The burden of fundraising has had to be shouldered by our deaf and hard of hearing athletes and coaches, and oftentimes athletes pay out of pocket upwards of $3,500 to compete.

We need your support to send our athletes to international competitions, and take training and coaching to the next level. Help us develop the next generation of deaf and hard of hearing athletes. Please consider a donation or sponsorship to help our athletes represent the United States of America at the highest level.